Meet Our Newest Board Member!

Dr. Reginald Garcon has joined the Board of Directors serving in the capacity of Diversity Chair. Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Reginald Garcon to the Board of Directors!

Dr. Reginald Garcon's passion for the expressive arts (theater) started at an early age. He started attending a magnet school for drama/theater in the 4th grade at Charles R. Drew Elementary (Miami, FL) and has not looked back since. He later earned his Associates degree in Drama Education at Miami Dade College and a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree at Florida Atlantic University. In between theater performances, he also served on Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater Board of Directors prior to leaving Florida.

In the words of William Shakespeare, Dr. Garcon is an avid believer that "All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." As an educator, mentor, actor, and community advocate, Dr. Garcon also serves as Registrar at Washington Adventist University; teaches soul line dancing; involved with One Reach Ministries, and now has become the Diversity Chair on Laurel Mill Playhouse’s (LMP) Board of Directors.

Dr. Garcon first became part of LMP in 2014 where he starred in the theatrical production: "You Can't Take It With You." In addition, he later performed in the show HOUSE. by Daniel Johnston, several murder mystery dinner shows, and "To Kill A Mockingbird." Dr. Garcon is keen and making sure he shares his God-given creative gifts with others.

A Statement from Laurel Mill Playhouse

In light of instances of racial injustice, both recent and historic, and in support of all those fighting to rectify that injustice, Laurel Mill Playhouse offers the following statement:

Theater can be many things. Theater can be an escape from reality. Theater can offer a much-needed laugh or a long-overdue cry. Theater can, and should, also be a mirror. It must challenge. It must educate. Perhaps most importantly, theater must speak truth. It must stand for justice and inclusion. One thing theater can never be, is scared. Theater must not be afraid to shine a light on its own faults and failures, nor can it shy away from spotlighting the faults and failures of the world at large. In his 1962 essay titled “The Creative Process” (from his anthology, “The Price of the Ticket: Collected Nonfiction”), James Baldwin states,

“But the conquest of the physical world is not man’s only duty. He is also enjoined to conquer the great wilderness of himself. The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through the vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is to make the world a more human dwelling place.”

We at Laurel Mill Playhouse hope to help make the world, both near and far, “a more human dwelling place.” We recognize that silence is not the answer. We recognize that we must be better and louder. We reaffirm our commitment to inclusion. We also vow, in the names of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless more, to stand loudly for racial justice, and to stand just as loudly against racial injustice in all its vicious forms. In the same essay, Baldwin says, “The artist cannot and must not take anything for granted, but must drive to the heart of every answer and expose the question the answer hides.” Laurel Mill Playhouse vows to strive for those answers, but more importantly, we hope to expose the questions.

Laurel Mill Playhouse

Coming in the Summer of 2018—
The Musical Theater Intensive at Laurel Mill Playhouse
Aladdin, Jr. And a Kids’ Cabaret!

AGES: 8-18
DATES: June 3, 2018-August 19, 2018
Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays from 6-8pm
COST: $250.00* (includes the Intensive Experience; T-shirt; DVD of the show; 2 tickets to the show; cast party)
*($175.00 for each additional participant from the same family.)

REGISTER* in person at Laurel Mill Playhouse on
Saturday, May 5th 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Or contact Maureen Rogers at 301-452-2557 or
OR register online at
*Full payment due at Registration.
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Poster by Brian Binney.

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